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Intimate Wedding Planning Guide Kenya | Eine Hochzeit für Zwei in Kenia

Getting married in Kenya can be amazing!
It can actually be everything: Fun. Boring. Big. Small. Crazy. Relaxed. Breathtaking. Expensive. Beautiful. Simple. Natural. Intimate.
How about these last three?

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Safari Elopement Kenya | Wie man in Kenia die Liebe auf Safari feiert 

To have a whole island all by yourself, enjoying the afternoon together with zebras, buffalos, hippos and hundreds of birds - that could be it. But meeting two giraffes while the sun sets, THAT is the real deal!

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Adventure Elopement in Kenya | Die Magie von Kenias Ngong Hills

Having attended a lot of big Kenyan weddings they decided to do it their very own way, hike up some mountains and enjoy their intimacy as if there was nothing else in this world but their endless love and happy laughter.

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Kenyan Wedding Photography  | Nairobi Wedding Photographer

You are a wonderful couple with a unique love story. Celebrate it, this breathtaking love! With a wedding that will stay in your heart forever. And photographs that will last for generations to come.
We would be more than honored to accompany you on this adventure as your wedding photographers in Nairobi and all over Kenya.

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