A creative mind

Caylee Grey invited me to come over and take some portraits of her.
I knew she's into art. I never knew how deeply this can change a person.
On my way to Waghäusel, a peaceful place in the middle of woods and fields, I got lost -
Only to find myself in a creative haven.
Caylee's safe place.

Caylee is a creative genius. Her heart is warm and her mind as colorful as the world.
The more I got to know about her, the more I understood what it really means to be human.

There's always so much more to a person than we might think.
Eyes to see wonders.
Arms to hold tight.
Hands to make art.
Lips to talk life into dreams.
A mind to create a vision.
A heart to love.

We are all deeply connected in this craziness called life.
We all struggle. We all dream. We all want to be happy
and leave footprints.


A home for artists.

Thank you so much Caylee!

Anna Hari