Intimate Wedding Planning Guide Kenya | Eine Hochzeit für Zwei in Kenia

Getting married in Kenya can be amazing!
It can actually be everything: Fun. Boring. Big. Small. Crazy. Relaxed. Breathtaking. Expensive. Beautiful. Simple. Natural. Intimate.
How about these last three?

Imagine a day full of you. 
Your love, bigger than ever. 
Your dreams finally coming true. 
Nothing that could distract you from what your heart desires.

A wedding can be everything.
But we love it simple, natural and intimate. 
That’s why we planned and organized an elopement in Kenya, to inspire all couples to find new ways.
Yes, a wedding is for the family and no, you don’t have to take this big celebration from your beloved ones.
But how about another day, a secret between two souls, a short getaway to gift each other with what matters most? How about you create a day that reflects you more than good old traditions ever could?

Joy & Roger are getting married soon. They’ll have a big party for their families and friends that nobody will ever forget.
But they also hold a day in their hearts that will forever be theirs only.

To create unforgettable memories you actually don’t need a lot.
You just take each others hand, run away from Nairobi (or wherever you live) to somewhere as close or far as you want. How about Naivasha (which is not even a two-hours-drive from Nairobi)? Get ready in your private cottage right by the lake. Help each other out. Write some letters to prepare you for the intimate ceremony. Whenever you’re ready, meet in a place where you can have your first look. Trust me, you won’t ever forget the tension, the surprise, the love that you felt in right that moment when you saw him/her for the first time. Enjoy the moment and don’t let anybody rush you. Do whatever you want. It’s your day!
Joy & Roger decided to go for a little hike in the Kenyan nature until they found their perfect spot to exchange their vows and complete their intimate ceremony with finally putting the rings on their fingers! :)
A ceremony can be as unique as every couple. It’s really up to you if you want a five-minutes-ceremony or a one-hour-ceremony. Do you want to write your own vows? Do you want your best friends to help you with the ceremony? Do you want to exchange rings or chains or tattoos? How about pouring a bottle of champagne to celebrate wild and free? And who said you need a fancy dinner to end the day? If pizza is your favorite, go for it! :)
It’s all your choice. 

What I would always recommend though is having someone with you to capture it all. The quiet moments, the laughter, the tears, the dance, the looks, all the feels. Nobody can ever bring back a moment. But it can be preserved. For your anniversary, for your children, for the future you.
Time flies by.
Photographs let you travel back.

Dress: Victoria Rüsche
Rings & Jewelry: Michaela Römer
Location: Camp Carnelley’s, Naivasha, Kenya
Makeup Artist: @wamuyumuriuki
Stylist: @karomokk
Wedding Planning and Photography: Anna Hari