Kenyan Wedding Photography  | Nairobi Wedding Photographer

Are you planning your wedding in Kenya and looking for a wedding photographer to capture your beautiful day in a unique storytelling way? YAY! May I introduce myself to you? My name is Anna, my CV is long and colorful and I'm a wedding photographer with heart and soul :)

My love for the world and travel has brought me to various places on this earth. One of those was Kenya. A country that warmed my heart, touched my soul and changed me forever.

Also, it gave me my husband Hari <3 And with him all I ever wanted. Including a beautiful baby girl called Mayla Elani (yup, like the Kenyan music band!) and the fulfillment of my dream profession: wedding photography.

I guess now that my Kenyan husband has pushed me into shooting weddings as passionately as someone who was born to do this, it is only fair to pull him with me and work together as a wedding photographer couple in Nairobi ;)

So if you're still with these crazy Polish-Kenyan photographers taking photos of people in love all over the world, there might be a chance that we're a good fit. And if we are, please allow us to give you an advice:

You are a wonderful couple with a unique love story.
Celebrate it, this breathtaking love! With a wedding that will stay in your heart forever. And photographs that will last for generations to come.
We would be more than honored to accompany you on this adventure as your wedding photographers in Nairobi and all over Kenya.
And if your love is meant for something more intimate, almost too special to be real: elopement it is!