After wedding shoot in Switzerland

Kamila & Marcus met when they were teenagers. A short friendship turned into a long relationship. And when I say long, I actually really mean it. 
By the time they vowed to stay with each other for the rest of their lives, two families had already grown together seventeen full years.
People thought that such an overdue Yes wouldn't change much. But as people are wrong way more often than they think, this was just another story to learn from.
It was Marcus who couldn't hold his emotions back, couldn't stop thanking the world and couldn't stop staring at his beautiful newlywed wife. To put it in his words
"Just a signature and just a word, but I love her more than ever. It's a feeling that I've never known before".
I guess that's how love is. Surprising, overwhelming, growing, with each day and every moment. 

Thank you both so much for hiking up the Swiss Berner Oberland to finally reach the breathtaking Oeschinensee. Kind of like dating each other for 17 years to finally call it a marriage :)