You're looking for a (wedding) photographer and I'm more than thrilled that you're here with me!
Though this place, my work, my purpose and my heart it not just about pictures.
It's about so much more.

Like making memories. Tiny moments of time that otherwise would be lost forever.
Emotions, that can be relived. The tears, the joy, the proof that we are human and alive.
People, that are not going to be with us forever, but can be recorded as their beautiful selves to give us comfort when we are going to need it most.
It's all about sharing with generations to come. Our experiences, our feelings and unique stories, to create new memories and build deeper connections.

When everything else fades, your photographs will become more valuable and precious each day.
"They will provide evidence that you lived, that you mattered, that you loved and were loved.
You are investing in your life, your memories, the proof of who you are and what you represent. The beautiful you." - Cat Hepple



might not perfect but real.

Not necessarily what people expect but what they might need.
Not always sharp but always meaningful.
Not fancy but simple as minimalism is far more in a world of too much.
Not planned or posed but raw and emotional.
Not a service but an intimate creation.


My kind of people

The people who let me be part of their lives and capture their memories forever are deeply in love with life and each other.

They can't let go of their beloved ones, neither with their hands nor their eyes.
They don't stress about group shots but value real, candid moments.
They don't act or imitate poses but create their very own magic. 
They show how powerful real love is and how it can change this world, one by one.



I like things to be simple and customizable. That's why you can start with the basics and add to your needs.

Anna Hari Photography.jpg

Full Day Wedding Coverage | 1.950€

* 6 hours of wedding coverage
* processing and delivery of at least 500 images
* secured online gallery for easy downloading and sharing
* an assistant and second photographer

* every additional working hour á 200€











engagementshoot | 350€

to get to know each other and to get comfortable


After Wedding Shoot | 400€

where, when and however you want


wedding album | 
from 400€

high-quality manufactory


Dates can only be reserved with a contract and a deposit.